Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Forth Post : What Would Moe Berg Say

Time for my first non cricket and non j-pop related post. And while it’s not J-pop related it is music related. There is a band called ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ and they are my favourite Canadian band of all time EVER !!! And I’m going to visit my mum who’s spending a year on a teaching exchange in Canada for the summer. While I’m there I hope to eat pancakes, watch a Blue Jays Baseball game and see if I can meet up with or see in concert the lead singer of my favourite Canadian band of all time ever (and, you know, spend time with my mum too!!!)
The following is my first attempt at contacting Mr Moe Berg.
I wonder what he will think.

Dear Moe Berg,

My name is Adam Brook and I am a big fan of you and your music and of your bands (The Pursuit of Happiness) music. Not a big fan in the freaky and weird (Kathy Bates in ‘Misery’) type of way, more in a ‘I really like the witty lyrics and catchy power pop/rock style of music’ kind of way.


Anyway, I am writing to tell you that one of my life regrets is that I never managed to get to see you or your band play live. I grew up in Australia and heard your single ‘I’m an Adult now’ on the top 40 countdown radio show promoted as a future hit. I rushed out the next day and bought your debut album (on cassette) and fell in love with everything I heard. Leaving Australia to live in Scotland removed me from much future contact with your music (these were the days before the internet don’t forget) however, I was resourceful enough to track down your future albums by going on holiday to Canada and America every now and then and visiting various record stores (I also made my friends check out record shops for any albums I may have missed when they went on holiday to North America too (I secretly hoped that my insistence that they look for your music on my behalf would convert them to the awesomeness of your music ... there is no proof this ever happened, well,  besides that one cute red headed girl who brought me back ‘The Downward Road’ from a holiday in Florida and handed me the album with the statement ‘these guys are pretty good actually.’ Naturally, I married her !!!))

As fate would have it I will be in Toronto, Canada visiting my mother for the entire month and wondered if you could get the band back together for one of your world famous reunion gigs while I was in town. Preferably at the ‘Horseshoe’ venue I hear so much about in the live renditions of your hits that I have nicked of the interweb. Sounds like quite the place. Would love to see you there. Performing live. That would be so real !!!

You have it within your power to make my dreams come true.

Whadda ya say? 

I could bring the cute red headed girl along if that helps !!!


Yours sincerely

 Adam ‘Adamski’ Brook

Don’t know who ‘The Pursuit of Happiness are’ ... then check out the video below of a live performance of their first single and be prepared to ROCK !!!

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