Monday, 20 May 2013

The Seventh Post : What Would Moe Berg Say. Part Two.

Unfortunately, Mr. Moe Berg has not responded to my previous email requesting he get his band ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ (my favourite Canadian band of all time, EVER!) back together for a reunion gig when I’m in Canada on holiday visiting my mum (who’s spending a year on a teaching exchange). So I’ve had to change tack to fulfil my ambition of getting to see him live in the flesh.
If not in concert, how about live in interview?
I wonder what he will say.
Dear Moe Berg,
My name is Adam Brook and I am writing to you to request an interview with you to discuss your life and times in music.
I am a big admirer of your witty and insightful lyrics not to mention the catchy and powerful pop/rock you manage to output on a regular basis.
I have been a fan of yours and your band “The Pursuit of Happiness” since I first bought your debut album “Love Junk”.
This and subsequent albums have formed a large part of the soundtrack to my life and left a lasting impression on my world.
This summer, between the dates of ...) I will find myself in Canada, Whitby, just outside Toronto, and it would give me great pleasure to be able to meet you in person and have a polite conversation in an interview format about all sorts of things but focusing on your life in music.
We could meet over a lunch or a coffee & cake or even a drink or two. Your choice, my treat.*
I would like to record the interview and transcribe it onto my
blog “Adamski Loves Cricket” (it’s a (mostly) sports blog I have recently started as I look to change professions). I would, of course, offer you first copy to correct any errors I might make before publication on the web.
Please be assured that this is a genuine request from a genuine person who has genuine respect for you and your work.
Yours sincerely
Adam ‘Adamski’ Brook
*pending partner price approval. (I.e. the wife says it’s not too expensive!!!)

Don’t know who ‘The Pursuit of Happiness are’ ... then check out one of my favorite songs from their second album ‘One Sided Story’  "Something Physical" and be prepared to feel that particular kind of sadness that you only ever really get when a rock band crafts an emotional commentary from the point of view of the unfortunate  partner in a dysfunction relationship. 
I sincerely hope you don't see yourself reflected in this song, but we all know we have all been there, at least once.

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