Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Twentyfirst Post : What Would Moe Berg Say. Part Four.

It's been a while since I last blogged (a bit longer than I wanted or expected, but what can you do ... sometimes life gets in the way of plans working out, eh?) but just in case you have forgotten, around this time last year I was out in Canada enjoying a holiday with my family and attempting to gain an interview with my guitar hero Mr. Moe Berg from the amazing and awesome Canadian power pop band “The Pursuit of Happiness”.

I had sent off previous letters (check back over previous blogs here, here, and here for further details) and remained hopeful, but not overly optimistic, of gaining any kind of reply.

Imagine my delight when I see an email like this one pop into my inbox...

It was a little bit like this ...

I hesitated opening the email, savouring the feeling of having all the positive possibilities in the universe available to me before I opened it to find the one and only eventuality presented to me in all its crushing reality. Because, let’s face it, I’d done well to get this far. An actual response was what I set out as my most likely highlight from this whole prospect. The fact that the most likely response would be some sort of “Thanks, but no thanks” or “ I'd really like to meet but am just far too busy to schedule anything, have a great summer.” would be awesome enough but crushing to the slim hopes of a yes response.

While the email remained unopened all possibilities were possible.

This must be how Schrödinger felt before he opened his box to find his cat dead in it.

An atom of radioactive may have killed the cat but I was curious to find out what Moe Berg had said, so I opened the email and found out that sometimes cats survive, and that sometimes dreams also survive outside the box.

The email read:

 Hi Adam,

I'd be fine to sit down with you for an hour or so. I'm usually good in the afternoons and next week would be best. Let me know when you might be in Toronto proper and we can figure something out.


BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Is that the sound of all the best things in the world falling into place ... or is it the sound of my beating heart?

I fired off an email thanking him for his time and arranging where and when to meet. After a couple of false starts we settled on a time and place early in the coming week.  

HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! (Settle down Adamski. Keep it together. Don't blow your cool.)

The night before we were due to meet I spent a restless night worrying that I would muck this up and make a fool out of myself by being too fanboy or just not knowledgeable enough.

Restlessness let me to checking my emails at 2am, just to kill some time, to see an email recently arrived from Moe regrettable cancelling our meeting tomorrow. Can’t be helped, can't be changed.


I knew it was too good to be true.

He did propose meeting later in the week, same time same place, and asked if that would be ok with me.

I sent a reply back straight away saying that I understand that some things can't be helped and I’d be happy to fit into his schedule.  

Then I shut down the computer, turned off the light and held out little hope that Thursday would lead to meeting with a legend either.

Disappointment replaced excitement, and sleep came easy.

But I did continue to wonder what he would say.


Don’t know who Moe Berg is ... then check out this song from his band’s “The Pursuit of Happiness” fourth album (Where's the Bone) because, lets face it, "little things are so important, but big things don't matter much."



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